Friday, June 26, 2009

Airport Olympics

My return to Canada has been more frazzling than usual. I suppose someone who travels as many miles as I do should have things figured out by now but my past travels have typically been more prolonged versus the quick day trips from one venue to another. My current trip back has been so short that I have barely recovered from jetlag as I'm about to return to China again. Anyway, this is to say that I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to post more lately.

My sister says that I need to make my blog more personal, fun and readable and I'm sure I'll take that under advisement - but realistically, she's my sister and won't be unsubscribing to me anytime soon either.

One of the brief trips while I've been back has reminded me of my resigned dislike of both United and O'Hare but also the benefits of having priority boarding given the lack of on-board compartment space on regional aircraft, and the benefits that intense interval training provides particularly when you realize you only have 15 minutes to make a connection before they close a gate that's two terminals over. I've been fairly productive and having finally landed a large, rather hard fought client, I'm going back to monitor production progress which is on a fairly tight schedule so I'm not exactly sure how much I'll be posting over the next week.

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Anthony said...

Your sister is right - bring out more of your fun-loving personality in the blog! And yes, I will unsubscribe if you don't!...

Congrats on your success on your business trip!