Sunday, April 12, 2009

Surviving Bad Economic Policy

Happy Easter! From Bill Conerly - on why he's not gloomy, via his blog. Though I worry that it's a bit of thin gruel - in that yes, the world and the US has gone through worse, recovery has also been dependent on leadership that I'm not sure currently exists in any prominent form in the Republican party. That being said, while Reagan erased the legacy of Jimmy Carter, and in so doing unleashed 2 decades of prosperity for the US, he campaigned and was elected as one of the most ideological US Presidents.

The same cannot be said for President Obama - who campaigned as a moderate and has unleashed possibly one of the most ideological policies and budget agendas in recent memory. Additional entitlement spending being implemented by both Obama and previously Bush, will handicap the US well into the future. In what amounts to a rotten easter egg, for those who say he was elected to do something - his record and words on spending do not bear this out (Instapundit).

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