Saturday, April 25, 2009

Overheard: 'Why we have this Financial Crisis'

I caught the tail end of a conversation by what appeared to be a sophisticated middle aged businessman [yes, rimless glasses does that to a person] with what appeared to be French accent and likely his Chinese translator:

"Right now china things are cheap because cost of labor is low. One day even Chinese people will demand one month holiday [yep - almost certainly French?] and labor costs will rise and things will be more expensive and exports will fall moving elsewhere... the reason we have this crisis was because it was made by artificial money ... because China can make the cheapest, all our jobs are now gone because we have no factories"
I almost wanted to interrupt and point out that amongst the many silly simplifications he made, his most glaring error was to confuse "making things" with creating wealth and jobs. Wealth and jobs are created by solving problems people are willing to pay to have solved.

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