Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Things to Worry About

As if worrying about the economy wasn't bad enough, there's the apocalypse that will follow the solar storms in 2012 (a scenario that seems frighteningly plausible given our centralized electrical grid, Wired), and that's of course if swine flu (now a pandemic) doesn't get us first.

With tomorrow being full of Communist festivities around the world (May 1 / Labour Day), being in China, with the high amounts of mobility into and out of Guangdong, one hopes that when swine flu does arrive, it hits AFTER next week (China News Wrap) or I'm afraid the death tolls will start to really soar. While I've taken care of buying 3M N95 surgical masks (Amazon) about a year ago for home back in Canada, I'm wondering whether there's any point in trying to get them out in Guangzhou anymore. I imagine there's about to be a shortage if there isn't one already.

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