Thursday, April 16, 2009

Developing Markets: Change Comes from Within

Yes, even those who purport to be men of God, are fallible. From a Episcopalian priest (via William Easterly):

At some point in the not too distant future benign neglect and callous disregard for the world’s extremely poor (living on under $1 a day) will become a crime against humanity and a sin against the Creator. This is the time to pray, advocate, and to take action. Promises have been made, and the time for debate is over because solutions now exist.
Poverty isn't caused by a lack of resources anymore than hunger is caused by a lack of food in the world. The problem is governments. The first step in the fight against poverty is for countries to follow the only proven route: capitalism, property rights, free trade and opening borders to foreign investment. Unless the man is suggesting that we overthrow despotic governments a la Iraq, the idea that "the time for debate is over" suggests a deference to faith in corrupt governments who keep their people mired in poverty. Someone should perhaps remind him that as a priest, at a bare minimum faith in men is no substitute for faith in God.

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