Monday, March 30, 2009


So the government encourages, businesses to take money even when they don't necessarily need it in the guise that because everyone's getting it, it'll hide the weaker players (ABC News). Then they change the rules handicapping anyone stupid enough to have taken the money (Washington Post). But when those same businesses say they want to give the money back?

The US government says no (CNN). While the media hasn't exactly been reporting the multitude of protests from unlikely places - ie people who actually contribute in some meaningful way to society (IBD via Instapundit), much of the electorate is clearly unhappy with the bailout packages (not to mention the treat of higher taxes and bigger government well into the future). So why won't the government take the money back? So much for the silly people who say that capitalists deceive to seize power during crises (Reason). They must have had "capitalists" confused with "government".

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