Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Irony: US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission violates Fair Labor Act

via Instapundit, at OpenMarket.org:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, responsible for ensuring that the nation’s workers are treated fairly, has itself willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act on a nationwide basis with its own employees, an arbitrator has ruled. . . . The EEOC has a much worse record of labor and civil-rights violations than most corporations and agencies with a similar-size workforce.
As Reynolds notes - "Fair employment practices, like taxes, are for the little people." On one hand, it's sort of frightening that Americans have a leadership that believes in imposing greater amounts of regulation and taxes but don't believe those same regulations and taxes apply to themselves. Arnold Kling sees an additional quite troubling pattern (also via Instapundit):
For quite a while, but especially over the last nine months, the best way to predict developments in politics and finance has been to ask: what will do the most to increase the concentration of power? Every headline, from the Geithner regulatory plan to the proposed cap on the charitable deduction, to the resignation of the General Motors CEO, should be viewed in that light.

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