Friday, March 20, 2009

Building Stuff that Matters & Doing it Lean

I enjoy the energy of working with entrepreneurs who generally have a boundless and optimistic view of the world. As the saying goes though, the only thing constant is change. Markets and clients can be considerably different in 2-3 years than they were in the last year but Eric Ries from IMVU points to a few principles that Tim O'Reilly (from O'Reilly Media) advocates for startups that can get you and guide you through some of the tough times:

  1. Work on something that matters to you more than money,
  2. Create more value than you capture, and
  3. Take the long view
Eric Ries adds that you should do it lean, do it cheap and do it quick. Technology has evolved to allow you to do just that. (I figure this is a good place to plug my listing of web utilities that I've come across).

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