Sunday, March 15, 2009

Be Cool, Be an Entrepreneur?

At least that's according to the Economist. I'm wondering if this hasn't always been the case, but I think they do get one thing right:

The triumph of entrepreneurship is driven by profound technological change. A trio of inventions—the personal computer, the mobile phone and the internet—is democratising entrepreneurship at a cracking pace. Today even cash-strapped innovators can reach markets that were once the prerogative of giant organisations.
Building a credible startup has never been easier. The report also makes special mention of the World Bank's Doing Business guides that compares regulations between countries on the ease of doing business. One analyst, I think correctly, suggests "the World Bank may have done more good by compiling Doing Business than by lending much of the money that it has".

Governments would do well to remember that during these perilous economic times that reducing the complexity and number of regulations also amounts to stimulus.

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