Sunday, February 01, 2009

One last pic of Kali

I've been brooding, procrastinating and remembering today. I was thumbing through some of the pics I've taken of her and I thought I'd share one last one. I've been remembering the countless hours of trying to convince her the logic of peeing (and pooping) outside, the fun of smuggling months worth of treats in my luggage back for her through customs in HK then China (generally taking at least half of the space in my luggage), and going running with her in the office courtyards (or rather, her running and pulling me along).

I've been feeling a bit guilty worrying about what her last moments might have been in a Chinese kennel while also feeling a bit guilty for grieving for a dog that I haven't seen in about 6 weeks now - particularly as someone who has always believed in putting people first.

It'll be different for the staff coming back to the office later this week. In the same way, it'll be sad to return to China and finding her spot in the kitchen empty.

This is a pic of Kali when we first brought her home:

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Tina Francis (the Real Mallu Hotstepper) said...

Clement! Kali is SUCH a doll! I can see why you called her babygirl. I'm not even an animal person but she has the most precious face. So sorry for your loss.

P.S Anthony gave me the link to your blog. I hope that's alright. You are the only one from our little wedding troop that isn't on Facebook. How do we keep you in the loop?