Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Networking for Startups - Online and Off

I'll confess I identify with the statement that "starting a business can be a lonely experience. Meeting other entrepreneurs in town or have similar experiences and problems, can be both therapeutic and educational." A decent starting point can be found at the WSJ (I've also added some of the suggested links in the WSJ article into my web services guide for startups).

Before starting a company it's probably useful to consider these things and ensuring you have a reasonable network to fall back on for advice and help. Of course somewhat paradoxically I'm also one of those people who believe that the world is changed by unreasonable and stubborn people.

There are a remarkable few university friends (and no high school ones that I'm aware of) who have chosen to develop their own ventures. In a way, it's disappointing but I'm pretty happy that those who have, are aggressive with outsized ambitions. It's often difficult for others to relate to the highs and lows that you experience as an entrepreneur but I'll also say that it's definitely been worth it.

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