Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm all for Innovating but... "Bio-Hacking" in your Garage?

Not that I think we can or should do anything about this, but it's sort of cool (and downright scary) that it's now possible to 'tinker with the basic building blocks of life... in your garage' (Yahoo! via Instapundit):

Many of these amateurs may have studied biology in college but have no advanced degrees and are not earning a living in the biotechnology field. Some proudly call themselves "biohackers" — innovators who push technological boundaries and put the spread of knowledge before profits.

In Cambridge, Mass., a group called DIYbio is setting up a community lab where the public could use chemicals and lab equipment, including a used freezer, scored for free off Craigslist, that drops to 80 degrees below zero, the temperature needed to keep many kinds of bacteria alive.

(Beata, that may explain any odd looking animals lurking about your 'hood).

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Beata said...

sounds like something from that Raving Rabbids game...