Saturday, December 20, 2008

Development Bytes

If you missed these tidbits in the news, I'd recommend having a read:

  • A malaria vaccine shows significant promise (WSJ). Developed by GlaxoSmithKline in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Foundation, it deals with a disease that kills up to a million kids in Africa a year not to mention an incredibly obstacle to productivity for everyone else. This in my mind is fantastic news though the sad thing is that many of those annual deaths could have been prevented through DDT that has been blocked for decades by overzealous environmentalists (NPR) who do not view human life to be paramount.

  • via Instapundit: Iain Murray (National Review) - "Not only would successful completion of the Doha round bring great benefit to the US, it would be the single best thing Obama could do for international development."

  • An inspiring story on efforts to build a baby incubator for the developing world for $1k USD (3% of cost of top of the line incubators currently) using locally available parts (NYT via Core77). While I suspect regulation plays a role, my question would be if these things are so cheap and so great, why can't we use them directly in the developed world?

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