Saturday, August 23, 2008

PSA: Check out Xobni

If you use Outlook, check out Xobni - a plug-in that can reshape the way you manage email. I first heard about Xobni in TechCrunch earlier this year but was a bit too afraid to try it. I can't stress enough how important email is to me, so whatever its supposed benefits it's gotta be stable first and foremost. So recently when a friend pointed me to Walt Mossberg's review, I thought I'd give it a try. Definitely worth it (Xobni). There's another recent profile of one of the founders here (MIT TechnologyReview).

I've started to think about email more around people and conversations - which is exactly how it should work. I keep a number of different (and generally large) .PST files open at any given time with a huge number of emails, and I really haven't seen much performance degredation. Finding information in email is now faster and more accurate than Google Desktop (whose index files also get absolutely massive). That said, I'm thinking of reinstalling Google Desktop though to search my other files though most of my files these days reside in Groove.

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