Saturday, July 26, 2008

Remarkably Good News in Zimbabwe

South Africa's Mbeki has finally decided to assume a leadership role in what has been a massive humanitarian disaster in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been an example to the world that poverty isn't the result of a lack of resources but rather, bad governments. That Russia and China have backed the current ruthless government probably does not bode well for their interests in the future as these things aren't easily forgotten. I'm still skeptical that this is a done deal but the negotiations for a power sharing agreement appear to have had real progress (Times UK):

The Sunday Times has learnt that Mugabe, who has vowed that Tsvangirai will never be in government and that “only God can remove me from power”, faces humiliation over the terms of the deal that he will be forced to sign next month.

He will remain as president in name only and all real power will be held by a 20-member cabinet under Tsvangirai as prime minister. The opposition MDC will have 11 cabinet posts to nine for Mugabe’s Zanu-PF.

All Mugabe’s senior officials in the army, police and intelligence services, who have unleashed a campaign of terror since the MDC won a disputed victory in the elections held in March, will be dismissed.

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