Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hookworms as Cure for Allergies?

Personally I think I'll wait for the drug. Aside from the great cocktail party mileage you can get out of this, being the killjoy I am, it could be a useful reminder that not every human ailment is a result of pollution or some environmental calamity - maybe it's because we live in environments that are too clean.

That said, if allergies are really driving you mad, there's apparently a truly delightful solution (NYT, h/t Instapundit):

In 2004, David Pritchard applied a dressing to his arm that was crawling with pin-size hookworm larvae, like maggots on the surface of meat. He left the wrap on for several days to make sure that the squirming freeloaders would infiltrate his system.

“The itch when they cross through your skin is indescribable,” he said.
Lovely. (Note that this could also be considered a somewhat extreme productivity tip for allergy sufferers).

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