Monday, July 28, 2008

Causation, Correlation and the Idiocy of (Some) Journalists

Journalists should know better. The latest scaremongering comes courtesy on a study that "men who eat soya-based foods may be harming their fertility" according to "doctors". Read into the study (Guardian) and you discover that they tested people and their sperm counts against the amount of soy products that they say they had eaten in the past 3 months.

Let's face it, men who eat soy based products are pansies anyway so is it any surprise they have low sperm counts? (just kidding - I eat some soy products but for anyone who actually cares, I'm sure it's not enough to affect my virility :)) Plus, have these researchers ever heard of China? Clearly soy consumption hasn't really hurt them and their population growth.

I wonder if these journalists realize that dwindling quality has a causal relationship on circulation? Me thinks at the rate they're circling the drain, they better figure it out fast.

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