Sunday, June 08, 2008

To Greatness or Arrogance?

The Wall Street Journal has a great article that aptly captures the fears of many when it comes to China's nationalism.  My proxy for Chinese elitist sentiment railed on and on about Tibet (an issue I didn't raise) - which I do sort of understand his point.  China's heavy handedness speaks to either their insecurities on the issue or just plain bad advice - since I am coming around to the view that there are legitimate grievances to be had against the Dalai Lama and that a 'Free Tibet' might hardly be free at all.  The article also makes the good point that nationalism and historical grievances are issues that democracy will not cure though "political freedom should help to soothe such feelings in the long run, but this will not happen in time for the Beijing Olympics."  Indeed - though the wrinkle and wildcard is the goodwill generated towards foreigners following the earthquake in Sichuan - though this may not be enough.

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