Sunday, June 01, 2008

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Thanks for your link to my piece on the WSJ. I agree with you -- the US is not desperate at all, and it was certainly not my intention to characterize us that way. In fact, I believe the US has a tremendous competitive edge over China, at the precise moment when China needs our goods and services more than ever before. Although I do point to some structural weaknesses in our economy (such as the solvency and credit crises, which have been widely confirmed and reported on), I do NOT subscribe to the IMF's gloomy forcast. Far from being licked, I believe we have a once in a century windfall opportunity to create jobs and build value here in the US by capitalizing on our edge and selling our goods and services to China. Please refer to my other writings about America's inherent strength (not desperation) -- in the WSJ ("The China Syndrome," July 17 2007) and my book "All the Tea in China" (Penguin, 2007), both of which demonstrate America's strenght and opportunities.

I also recently shared a panel with China Law Blog founder Dan Harris at the Plastics News Conference in Florida, where I reiterated this position: America's competitive edge and our opportunity to sell our goods and services into China's middle class, and thereby create jobs here at home.