Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Like a Knife Through Butter/Blubber

Sometimes I wonder if I have a glandular problem. I don't handle heat particularly well and it used to be that people in the office in HK would initially wonder if there had been torrential rains. It is almost be embarrassing, if I were embarrassed by such things, how quickly everyone seems to offer me napkins/toilet paper to wipe off the sweat (it is also noteworthy that for Christmas, a colleague bought me handkerchiefs).

On the other hand, a happy side benefit has been that it has been my high metabolism which I'm told is related. Because I've been somewhat inactive in the last few months, in the last few weeks I have alarmingly noticed that my metabolism has been slowing down and I have added as much as an inch to my waist. The suffocating heat therefore was somewhat welcoming this time around as I stepped out of the airport as I like to think that it's much like watching the fat drip from a roast - of course, one probably doesn't want to be downriver from the roast. Incidentally, that I flew into HK yesterday afternoon is also the reason why blogging has been light as I have been in a mad rush trying to tie off loose ends in the days prior (my blog reader had accumulated to over 780 posts - now that's depressing). It's also almost sad how excited I am to see my baby girl Kali (who happens to be a dog, literally) when I go into China.

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