Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Reading Roundup

Clearing Firefox tabs since they're annoyingly soaking up over 530 MB of memory at the moment (I hope Mozilla plugs that memory leak soon). A few more shiny links:

  • [Marketing] Signaling you're brilliant on a resume / university application (Study Hacks). Less is more. Great applicants don't list everything and the kitchen sink because they don't need to. I agree; and this applies as much to businesses as individuals.
  • [Entrepreneurship] Entrepreneurs value ideas over wealth ( "The research found the greatest motivator for entrepreneurs is passion about new ideas with 41.4 per cent of those surveyed citing this as their prime motivation for starting a business. 39.7 per cent were primarily driven by ‘wanting to be their own boss’." Interesting data point - but I've always thought it was about pursuing the idea first which leads to the wealth.
  • [Trends] Top 10 trends (Flikr). Worth a brief read. Not sure I agree with them and at least a few are blindingly obvious.
  • [Humor] What Icahn said to Yahoo's Board and what he really meant ( The funniest part is based on what's publicly available on Icahn, it's probably true.
  • [Economics/Commodities] Not a bubble? (Businomics) A different view on oil - arguing that because inventories haven't been building up, this is a demand driven rise in oil sustainable in the short run. I don't think this takes away from the other arguments that there's a long term bubble in oil given the development of alternatives and additional supply.

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