Thursday, May 08, 2008

Shiny Link Dumping

Too tired to actually thoroughly categorize all these links but I did find them interesting for one reason or another:

  • [Trends] Moving from "real time" to "event driven" era (ZDnet). It's not enough to be able to collect and be able to access information in real time, but the next generation of information technology is going to be about being able to use and have it processed to develop customized user experiences.
  • [Humor/Human Behaviour] 5 Psychological Experiments that prove humanity is doomed - doomed! ( Yes we humans are a self serving, easily manipulated bunch. Of course, being optimistic, I wonder whether or not the data has actually improved over time - that we're becoming a little less "doomed" with time.
  • [Innovation] Using contests as a way to develop software (Dr. Dobbs Portal). Just like the idea of 'crowdsourcing' - using markets to solve problems.
  • [Managing/HR] Your employees are dying to be heard (Businessweek). Takeaway: "Finally, instead of trying to guess whether you're communicating enough with your staff, Reilly recommends you ask employees: 'Are you getting enough information to do your jobs effectively?' Then be sure to pay attention to the answers."
  • [Negotiating] "It pays to get inside your opponents' heads rather than their hearts" (Economist). This one has always been sort of a no brainer for me for a number of reasons but the takeaway is this: forget about trying to connect with people emotionally, focus on their point of view and existing constraints.
  • [Innovation] "Who says big ideas are rare?" (The New Yorker). Malcolm Gladwell author of the Tipping Point, points out that 'the history of science is full of [big/revolutionary] ideas that several people had at the same time.'

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