Saturday, May 24, 2008

Heh. Japanese Statism Slapdown

Here's a letter in response (Going Private) to protectionist ravings from someone who is apparently "abhors dishonesty, dogmatists, ideologues, mean-spiritedness, Ayn Rand and people who cheat" including the obligatory helping of anti-Americanism. Oh, and claims to be an investment banker in Japan [she/he does point out in the comments she is neither Japanese nor an i-banker]. The struggle against change and for liberal markets is not one that will come naturally nor inevitably but in the process it is the best solution that will and is lifting billions out of poverty. Read it all, but here's an excerpt:

In the end, what is important to remember is this: The perpetuation of a corporation for sentimental purposes is not, of itself, utilitarian.

I am sorry that your firm has responded poorly to the new exposure to global trade. I am sorry that its encounter with the realities of a market economy, which Japan has thankfully, and finally embraced to- at long last- bolster Gross Domestic Product growth into the 2% range, has been difficult. But it is entirely possible that yours is a firm that should not survive once required to provide shareholders with competitive returns. The problem with protectionism is that, in the absence of a sure competitive advantage or unique product, its benefits always come due- with interest.

Indeed, you may not thank me for your firm's present fate. You may, however, thank me for Japan's.

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