Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clearing out the Tabs

Another link roundup:

  • [Operations] A tour of NewEgg's facilities - which between its two warehousing facilities handle $1B of revenues. As someone else termed it - operations porn. (Anandtech)
  • [Logistics] Buy insurance or in the very least be disciplined enough to self insure. Stuff happens. Reminds of the time when our goods were delayed because the ship collided with another vessel on open waters (no joke) and we were billed for some of the losses. (Freight Dawg, 3PL Wire)
  • [Negotiating] 5 tips for negotiating as taught by the Harvard Negotiation Project. (Gigaom)
  • [China] Summary notes the increased difficulties in getting a China Visa and how the rules have changed. (China Law Blog)

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