Saturday, April 12, 2008

How not to Advertise, and Damage Control if you do

For those who haven't seen the controversy (it really hasn't gotten any play in Canada):

A few takeaways (H/T: Instapundit):

  • The obvious (though possibly not to Absolut where they aren't quite familiar with that thing called the "Internet"): "Don’t run ad campaigns that depend on nationalist sentiments at the expense of other nationalities."
  • About damage control: "Stop Digging! Anytime anyone, whether politician, public figure, or commercial enterprise, has to issue multiple apologies, including apologies for the previous apologies, then you know they have committed cardinal sin number one: Don’t piss off a bunch of people who have the power to affect your cash flow."
  • Finally - if you're a competitor - how to profit: "SKYY® Vodka, Made in the USA, Proudly Supports Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"


Doug Winship said...

Thanks Clement.

I appreciate the link, especially when it comes from outside our insular segment of the blogosphere!

Clement Wan said...

Sorry Doug - I missed your comment. Thanks for dropping by. Great post - I also like your sense of humor even if I'm not a a bit of a lightweight :).