Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catching up on Startup Links

I've been catching up with overflowing blog feeds so here are a bunch of links that I thought were interesting for those interested in startups:

  • A few of the "real" numbers on startup survival rates (Small Biz Trends). Just a few notes that the author hasn't gotten into yet - just because a startup no longer exists, doesn't mean it failed - it can also mean that it was acquired or that the owners decided to go on to other things including retirement.
  • Making long distance partnerships work (New York Times). Since I've gotten into business myself, I've seen a number of businesses fall apart because the partners no longer seemed to get along. Partnership agreements are a must - because it's about planning for the worst and hoping for the best. I'd also figure out a way to resolve disputes if a majority owner isn't possible. It doesn't matter if business is doing well or poorly, I've heard it said that partnerships are like marriage without the makeup sex. Doing well just means fighting over more money, doing poorly has a way of creating paranoia.
  • A bunch of startup resources (How to Split an Atom).
  • What they don't tell you about starting a startup (Adeologue): "they never tell you - how painful it is." Too true.
  • 8 ways to destroy a startup ( I'd add a few other suggestions: keep costs as variable as possible. If the service you need isn't core, pay a little more incrementally and don't hope that you'll see all this success that you'll save all these costs by buying expensive equipment or adding fixed costs.
  • Not really so much advice for startups, but businesses in general: how to pretend you care (Seth Godin) even when you don't.

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