Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Green Screens

You'd think that we've become a trading desk at our China offices what with practically all my staff watching their stocks "plummet" these last few days in China. I say "plummet" because stocks here aren't allowed to drop more than 10% before they are halted until the next day - so it seems on average the markets have dropped about 5% each of the past three trading days. Having lived nearly all my life in North America, it's sort of weird getting the color relationships right - here in China, green is bad/down, and red is good/up (associated with good luck in the Chinese culture).

I'm not sure what other managers doing about the time spent on this, since gambling in stocks seems to be a national past time here. I figure if it doesn't affect their capacity to process work, I don't really care. Don't tell my employees, but not so secretly, I'm kind of happy that they're finally falling. Means they know they need to work harder in the next year. So here's to green screens :)!

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