Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yep, that's China...

I don't think there's anyway in getting around the fact that things happen a little different here in China. Check out Bill Dodson's post on what happened at his friend's factory. The ways that some people go about trying to make a buck around here is nutty enough to shake your head and think that if they put their minds to doing something productive, they'd be truly rich.

Much has been made of China's attempts at establishing rule of law, but the will of Beijing seems to be slower to reach some of the industrial areas of China. On one hand, I tend to agree with those who think that China's development isn't so much different than others - from Russia to other Asian Tigers and even to the West. I usually think of China as the wild wild East. There are however, three key differences I think: technology, population and speed. While I don't think this changes the substance of industrialization, it certainly makes things more interesting.

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