Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hmmmm... I guess I won't have the pork

Link here. "lurid accounts today of pigs staggering around with blood pouring from their bodies in Gaoyao and neighboring Yunfu, both in Guangdong Province. The Apple Daily newspaper said that as many as 80 percent of the pigs in the area had died, that panicky farmers were selling ailing animals at deep discounts and that pig carcasses were floating in a river." Yum.

For Instapundit, the story is that the government is suppressing the news. The funny/scary thing is that I was about to call my aunt about it and a colleague here stopped me saying that I had to be careful about what I say on the cell phone cuz they listen and will arrest people for that type of thing... he seemed serious... how one cannot get lost in the sea of millions of people beats me (I mean I should hope they would have more things to worry about than listening to my cell phone conversations - that must be an incredibly boring job).

Who to believe... According to HK colleagues these things and warnings happen all the time for stuff like fish, vegetables and meat. For contamination perhaps but epidemics? Staff here say that Apple Daily is "always lying" (or perhaps the more appropriate translation is that they're always trying to trick people). I think I'll just avoid the pork. Especially the cheap pork.

Update: Pig death identified.

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