Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ching Ming "Festival"

I went into Shenzhen for meeting yesterday. In what should have been a 1 hour trip took nearly 3 hours (left at 8.30 on the train for an 11 pm meeting figuring that you just never know about crossing the border as a non-resident/foreigner). It was nuts. I would have taken a picture but there wasn't enough space to reach into my bag and grab my camera - it was that crowded.

I initially thought it was because of Easter (Hong Kong had Thursday, today and Monday off) so I thought people were just going on vacation but apparently not. I've never seen the Lo Wu station leaving on the Hong Kong side full until yesterday. This time there were several train loads of people backed up. Any respect for queues that the British supposedly left behind wasn't particularly evident either.

Such was the Ching Ming Festival - which translates into "Grave Sweeping Festival" - which incidentally, doesn't strike me as particularly festive, but I digress.

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