Thursday, March 01, 2007

Where to go from here...

It's probably a bit early to be at a crossroads for this blog since I've only really been blogging for 2 months now but I still haven't told many people about it. I'm trying to get better at writing, I haven't really had the inclination to do as much independent stock research but at the same time, I'm not quite sure this eclectic mix of commentary/rants is the best way to develop my blog.

To date, most of my comments are reactionary and largely impersonal - responding or critiquing various news articles and editorials that pop up. I think I've got a few interesting bits that I can write about so maybe now's a good time to introduce a bit more about myself particularly since I'm at a crossroads - terming it as being the beginning of a new adventure in my career might be more apt. I have a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, I call Waterloo, Ontario home but I've worked as an investment banker in NYC and as an intern in auditing locally, but also for a period at a microfinance institution in Uganda so it's been a bit of an eclectic mix.

I'm in the middle of buying out my business partners in a company called Riverstone Manufacturing (you can see the link on the left hand side). We help firms manage production of components and subassemblies overseas. Our offices in HK are going to stay the same at least for a little bit while our offices in China are moving to Guangzhou and come March 12th I'll be joining them for up to 3 months to start.

Given that this isn't an anonymous blog, there are a number of issues that I can obviously not go into detail about since some day, someone - clients, friends and possibly, would be dates (dare to dream?), will search my name and my company name and find this blog. On the other hand, I'm pretty excited and hope to share some details with those who are interested in my journey to come.


BFU Rector said...


I have tread a similar path, although not as aggressively. I have recently shut down many of my blogs and sites so as to focus on BFU.

The writing I have done in the blogs was rewarding and personally satisfying. There are both educational and social values in expressing yourself through a blog.

Many CEOs now have their own blogs - you are in good company. My most outspoken blog, A Sovereign Speculator, is the one that helped me the most.

Your format and your writing are quite good; I would encourage you to keep it up. I will bookmark this site at



Clement Wan said...

Allan - Thanks for the encouragement!