Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Dark Continent is literally the Dark Continent

Mark Perry from the University of Michigan notes a photo of Africa taken by NASA satellites August 21, 2001 at night under the heading: "What Does Economic Freedom Look Like at Night?":

Continues Perry: "According to the 2007 Heritage Foundation's Economic Freedom of the World in Five Regions, the economic freedom of Sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest in the world, and the economic freedom of Europe is the second highest in the world, just slightly behind the Americas." Hat tip goes to Club for Growth's Andrew Roth who notes "Someone smart once said that the only way to make a nation prosperous is to make the people prosperous. That's not happening in Africa." The people of Africa deserve better and ought to expect more of their politicians.

It's pretty encouraging with the development and rising prominence of the Heritage Foundation's Economic Freedom Index, Transparency International's multiple indices and following behind, the World Bank's Doing Business index, adding pressure to the acceptance of the idea that poverty isn't caused by the lack of resources, but rather a symptom of poor governance.

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