Thursday, February 08, 2007

"The curious career of Maurice Strong"

Maurice Strong is a Canadian with ties to the Liberal Party of Canada, and perhaps not so coincidentally to the UN. Locally, he also used to sit on the board at the "Center for International Governance Innovation", where quite coincidentally, Louise Frechette, deputy Secretary General under Kofi Annan was hired as a "Distinguised Fellow". Personally, it strikes me as odd that anyone who has held a substantive role at the UN be associated with "good governance" but I digress.

From Claudia Rosette:

Before the United Nations can save the planet, it needs to clean up its own house. And as scandal after scandal has unfolded over the past decade, from Oil for Food to procurement fraud to peacekeeper rape, the size of that job has become stunningly clear.

But any understanding of the real efforts that job entails should begin with a look at the long and murky career of Maurice Strong, the man who may have had the most to do with what the U.N. has become today, and still sparks controversy even after he claims to have cut his ties to the world organization.

From Oil for Food to the latest scandals involving U.N. funding in North Korea, Maurice Strong appears as a shadowy and often critically important figure.
I would strongly recommend you read the whole thing. It's stunning. Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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