Friday, January 26, 2007

Plus ca change...

From Instapundit:

Will the U.N. Development Program Probe Be Ban Ki-Moon's First Cover-Up?
Disappointing. Whereas these conceptually appealing programs destroy value, at least in selling products to developing nations multinationals as a whole provide goods and services people want with what appears to be greater ethical responsibility. (And I'm not saying there aren't exceptions, but unfortunately where the UN is concerned these issues approach consistency - at what point do we say enough is enough?)

Update: While an Instapundit reader is calling it "Ban Ki Panky", the WSJ is calling it Cash for Kim. From the WSJ:
The disappointing news is that Mr. Ban appears to be stepping back from his larger reform promise. It's understandable that he'd want to limit his audit order in some fashion; investigations of every nook and cranny world-wide would take years. But that's no justification for defining "external" audits as those done by the U.N.'s own Panel of Auditors and its subset, the Board of External Auditors. These are the same auditors who found nothing suspicious in the Oil for Food program.

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