Sunday, January 07, 2007

Me and My Blog

For those who don't share my sense of righteous indignation and frustration on any number of development related topics will probably conclude that I'm dry as dust (and really dry at that)... and they'd be right. I do also have a silly side as some friends will attest (yes I do have friends despite what my sister might think). It took over an hour listening to animated slugs croon to "Mr. Lonely" from the soundtrack "Flushed Away (2006)" for an hour before realizing I was going nuts, which is admittedly a short trip. I am however hoping that the reason I like the song has little to do with the words themselves.

As to why I'm blogging... it's an outlet that will hopefully maintain and improve my writing skills. And sure there might just be a bit of vanity involved. It's been a week since I started fiddling around - and am quite proud of myself in being able to change around the template, and adding a few things that make maneuvering a bit easier.

So far, I've been pretty broad in what I've blogged on. I hope to get more focused and do more independent research into my neglected love of finance/investing in stocks rather than just sopping off links from places like Digg and Instapundit. Well, we'll see how far I get.

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